Beautiful pug stickers, made by a pug lover for pug lovers! Original exclusive artwork created just for the iMessage App Store. Peel off the puglets and place them anywhere in your iMessage conversation. Send or receive Pug Love Sticker Pack stickers on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Launching today.


Free until 29 May 2017!

More pugs!

If you ever need to integrate AdMob ads into your SpriteKit game or Swift app, these helper classes are very useful: A Swift collection of helper classes to integrate AdMob, AppLovin (tvOS) and your own CustomAds into your app.](https://github.com/crashoverride777/Swift-AdvertisingHelper)

They make it easy to display ad banners wherever you like in your app e.g., in a Game Over scene.

Jurgenizer site launch

Well. Finally got around to putting this little website together. Neat thing about it - it’s powered by Jekyll and I can use Markdown to author my posts.

It actually is a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.

Thanks to Jonathon McGlone for his guide on using Jekyll with GitHub Pages

Update: Theme change - now using Michael Rose’s neat HPSTER Jekyll theme, with some minor mods.