A colection of (mostly) self-study projects that I made to teach myself practical web and app development.

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UCT PathSlides
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UCT PathSlide is a Python + Flask web app, used to display extremely high-resolution histology slides and quiz pathology students Read more ...

car ZZ
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Another project that I made to teach myself iOS game development using Swift Read more ...

Twitter bot.
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A Python Twitter bot. Read more ...

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I created HappyHols to learn about Lektor, Markdown, and Bulma Read more ...

Lutge Gallery
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Modified Wordpress site for Lutge Gallery Read more ...

Little Drone
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The first iOS SpriteKit game that made Read more ...

BoxCat BrickBuster Pro
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Fun for all ages with this retro breakout-styled game Read more ...

FlashKarte Histology Stains
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I made this app to learn about histology stains and Swift Read more ...

2-Letter Words
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Designed to help you learn the high-scoring 2-letter words that can boost your score when playing Scrabble®-type word games Read more ...